Fragrance testers are filled with same liquid as the original fragrance. They are brand new, genuine, authentic, have never been sprayed before.

Testers come without the fancy retail packaging.  The packaging may differ as originally produced by their manufacturer.

Differences in Packaging for Fragrance Testers:

  • Testers may come with or without a cap. Please note that some of the testers that come without a cap might have a photo with cap on our website.
    • Please check "Tester Description" on the product page to see if the tester you're interested in comes with a cap or not.
  • Testers come in plain white or brown cardboard boxes, some even without a box of any kind.

Due to the lower costs of packaging, perfume testers are cheaper than the retail packaged fragrances.

Testers are created for the purpose of demonstrating the products by the same Fragrance manufacturers and hence fragrance quality is equal to the retail product in every way.

You can enjoy the same perfume with considerable savings by purchasing testers.