Souvenier Gold by Arabian Souvenir for Women 1.8 oz EDP Spray

$65.00 $10.00

A unique special fragrance for the elegant modern woman.

The fragrance reflects the authentic Arabian culture with a feminine heart.

The wonderful scent makes everyone around look for the source of the fragrance.

The intense scent remains concentrated for a long time.

A fascinating fragrance becomes your perfect companion in all occasions.

About the brand:

Arabian Souvenir has a series of fragrances inspired by the Arabian oriental world. It keeps the memory of Arabian culture contribution, over the past centuries, in developing Western fragrances. The fragrances reveal the beautiful secrets of the Arab world and its wonderful scents.The brand glorifies the strength of the fragrance and prioritizes the importance of fragrances in our lives. Its fragrances embody the essence of Arabian culture, revealing authenticity and loyalty. The fragrances are made using the finest oils and materials.

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