A Gloaming Night by Gucci for Unisex 3.4 oz EDP Spray

$384.00 $215.00
The Eau de Parfum A Gloaming Night joins The Alchemist's Garden collection. It is an essence that captures the feeling in a bottle and serves as a tribute to that fleeting moment of the day between twilight and night. Inspired by the colors of the spectacular sunsets, the notes of A Gloaming Night work together and combine with each other to produce their exclusive fragrance, just as the pink, violet, peach and red stripes give way to darker tones on the horizon. The customizable collection is made up of eau de parfum, scented oils and eau profumate (scented waters). The collection is inspired by the art of alchemy and the creation of fragrances, and has been designed to be able to combine them and create an exclusive and personal fusion of fragrances. The fragrances have been created from a key ingredient linked to the signature's emblematic codes. In addition, each of them can be intensified, neutralized or merged with other fragrances of the line to create unique combinations.
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