E Private Collection by Clive Christian for Men 1.6 oz EDP Spray

$395.00 $225.00
Experience a moment of unparalleled opulence and indulgence, an uncharted realm of true extraordinariness. The quest for perfection employs only the most exceptional ingredients and techniques in crafting the most exquisite perfumes. The exceptional brilliance of this gourmande amber, with a complexity of 207 ingredients, unfolds in its inviting warmth and richness. It unveils a golden whiskey character, with tantalising top notes of fruity rum and succulent peach. At its heart lies labdanum, elegantly sweetened by hints of clove and cinnamon. Rum, derived from sugar cane, absorbs intricate woody nuances from its ageing barrels, thus acquiring its distinct and alluring flavour and aroma. Labdanum, a resin from the cistus labdanum plant, exudes a rich bouquet of leather, smoke, and sweetness. To culminate this olfactory journey, the fragrant symphony concludes with base notes of sweet bourbon vanilla, warm caramel, and luscious maple syrup. Revel in the richness of an extraordinary scent
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